Cahua, Peru

SN Power has a strong presence in the Peruvian market

SN Power has been established in Peru since 2003 and is today the fifth largest electricity producer in the country.

SN Power has been established in Peru since 2003 when the company acquired 100 per cent of the shares in Cahua S.A., a Peruvian hydropower company. In 2007, SN Power further strengthened its presence in the country and became the fifth largest electricity producer through the acquisition of Electroandes S.A. 

In 2010 a process to consolidate the management structure and operations of the two entities was completed and the two entities were merged to form SN Power Peru S.A. Throughout the consolidation process the main focus had been on developing a common platform based on shared values and principles. 

SN Power Peru currently has eight hydropower facilities and a number of both permanent and temporary concessions for the development of greenfield hydropower projects in the country.

Currently the focus in Peru is to develop the 168 MW Greenfield project Cheves. More information about Cheves can be found here.

Country office

SN Power Peru
Av. Victor Andrés Belaúnde 280, Piso 2
San Isidro
Lima, Peru
Ph: +511 700 8100
Fax: +511 422 0348

About Peru

  • Area of 1,285,216 km2 with enormous hydropower potential
  • Population ca 29.5 million
  • Gross theoretical hydropower potential est. 1 577 TWh/yr
  • Technically feasible potential est. 395 TWh/yr
  • Economically feasible potential est. 260 TWh/yr
  • Hydropower provides about 72% of Peru`s electric power
  • GDP per capita USD 8 638

Regional strategy

Continued growth through new builds and efficient and profitable operations of existing plants.

Key plants and projects

  • Arcata (5 MW) - Facility consists of four plants in Arequipa region of southern Peru
  • Cahua (43 MW) - Plant located ca 200km north of Lima
  • Gallito Ciego (37 MW) - Plant is situated downstream of the Gallito Ciego dam, used primarily for irrigation purpose
  • La Oroya (9 MW) - Plant at over 3600 m over sea level in operation since 1914
  • Malpaso (54 MW) - Plant located in the Yauli province
  • Pachachaca (9 MW) - Plant at over 4000 m over sea level in operation since 1917
  • Pariac (5 MW) - Facility with five plants takes water from the Pariac River
  • Yaupi (108 MW) - The largest hydropower facility in SN Power`s Peru portfolio
  • Cheves (168 MW) - When finished this hydropower plant will be the largest in SN Power's Peru's portfolio