Bribery and corruption undermine attempts to achieve higher levels of economic and social welfare and impede efforts to reduce poverty. Corrupt actions also lead to loss of confidence in the public and private sector.

SN Power is committed to enshrine a zero tolerance culture for corruption, through active training and prevention, throughout our organization, our partners and supply-chain.

Corruption is a criminal offence. As an individual, the consequences of being involved in corruption can include termination of employment, criminal prosecution, fines, confiscation or imprisonment. The consequences of corrupt activities can also be very damaging to our company and lead to criminal prosecution, fines, confiscation, major financial and reputational loss, blacklisting, loss of project opportunities and loss of morale and loyalty among employees.

While corruption is detrimental to business, it also damages societies and increases poverty: Corruption threatens the rule of law, democracy and human rights, undermines good governance and social justice, distorts competition and hinders economic development.

SN Power has demonstrated proper business conduct and awareness in all its years of operation. We will continue to operate responsibly and sustainably as well as develop our business in a way that adds value not only for our shareholders, but also for the societies in which we operate.

At SN Power, we give business integrity priority and we will give full backing to employees who raise ethical issues.