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Mike is a power industry expert with 40 years of experience in power planning, hydroelectric and renewable energy and water resources.  This experience comprises study, design, site supervision and contract administration, including senior roles as project manager, resident engineer and project director. He has been responsible for leading multidisciplinary teams in the home office and the field, covering engineering, environment, economics and commercial issues.

Responsible for several private power assignments in the roles of owner's engineer, lender's engineer and EPC contractor's advisor, he has considerable expertise in the commercial and contractual aspects of private power, and is well known to many of the commercial banks and legal firms working in this sector. His widespread geographic experience includes 12 years continuously outside the United Kingdom, living and working in Central and Southern Africa and South East Asia and he has project experience in some 50 countries in Africa, Asia, the former Soviet Union, South and Central America and Europe.

His experience includes corporate planning and governance gained through executive directorships of UK and international engineering companies and over 25 years as a non-executive director of Cebr, London.

Mike is the originator of the FELT (Finance, Engineer, Lease and Transfer) model for infrastructure finance. This concept was developed to facilitate private investment in infrastructure projects, including hydropower, especially in challenging commercial environments.  However, it may also be used in more sophisticated markets as an alternative to PFI/PPP, to separate the roles of constructor and operator.

Mike also developed the PEBal power and energy balancing model for least cost development planning of power systems, and has developed financial analysis models for many projects.

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