Elsbeth Tronstad


Executive Vice President,
Shared Services

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Elsbeth has been with SN Power since 2009 with a two year leave of absence when she held the position as State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo. Being active in politics and with a degree in Political Science from the University in Oslo, she started her career as  SVP with  responsibility for organisational development in the Conservative Party. She moved from the Party to the Government, when the Prime Minister appointed her his Political Adviser. She has held the position as State secretary in Ministry of Foreign Affairs twice.

After she quit working for the Conservative Party she has mainly worked in the private sector. Her responsibilities have been within public relations, communications and environmental and social governance (ESG). She has been Head of Communications in DNV Industry AS working towards the Norwegian market. She was part of the Management Team in NORAD as EVP Communications – a global position. For ten years she worked in ABB where she had two roles. She was placed in Norway and held the position as EVP Communications and Public Relations reporting to the CEO of ABB Norway AS. In parallel she reported to the EVP of the global Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Division of the ABB Group. Before she joined SN Power she held the position as EVP in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, NHO.

Visiting Address

Lilleakerveien 2A
0283 Oslo, Norway

+47 66 71 70 00

Postal address

Lilleakerveien 2B
0283 Oslo, Norway