Madagascar is officially known as the Republic of Madagascar. This country is an island country in the Indian Ocean and is located in the coast of Southeast Africa. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar which is the fourth-largest island in the world, the only larger islands are Borneo, Greenland and New Guinea.

The capital of this island is Antananarivo. This city is also the Madagascar’s most populated city.

The official language is Malagasy and French 

Republic of Madagascar is home to an abundance of animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. Approximately 90% of all animal and plant species found in Madagascar are endemic, including here the lemurs which is a type of prosimian primate, many birds and the carnivorous fossa. This ecology diversity has led some ecologists to refer to Madagascar as the “eighth continent”. In 2010 this island has been classified by Conservation International as a biodiversity hotspot.