-  We deeply regret this accident and assure that support and assistance to the families of the employees affected have been provided, says Torger Lien, CEO of Agua Imara and SN Power.

To Agua Imara the health and safety of the more than 1,300 workers at the Bajo Frio Project is of vital importance.  During the three years of construction of the Project, no incident of similar nature has occurred. 

An Independent Investigation team has been set up, and the fatal accident will be investigated according to Agua Imara’s standard procedures.

Agua Imara is also working with the authorities to clarify any issues related to the accident.

The SN Power Group, which includes Agua Imara AS, invests in clean, renewable energy on commercial basis in emerging markets. The Group focuses on acquiring, developing, constructing and operating hydropower assets. It has operations in South-east Asia, Central America and Africa. The Group is a joint venture between Stat­kraft and Norfund. The SN Power Group has a multinational team of people employed globally in its operations and projects and is Headquartered in Oslo, Norway.