The company was established in 2002, and the mission was to become a leading hydropower company in emerging markets, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development.

The company's objectives are, alone, in cooperation with or through ownership in other companies, to develop, construct, acquire, own and manage renewable energy plants in Asia, Sub-Sahara Africa and Latin America, with focus on hydro power projects and other naturally related activities, including financial and physical power trading.
We currently operate, through our joint venture partnerships, hydropower plants in The Philippines, Laos, Zambia, Panama and Uganda.

SN Power is a financial investor with a strong capital base and access to extensive construction expertise and operational know-how.

SN Power is 100 % owned by Norfund, the Norwegian development financial Institution (DFI) which invests risk capital in profitable private enterprises in emerging markets with a focus in Africa south of Sahara.

We concentrate on building excellence in hydropower.
We bring with us more than hundred years of experience with developing hydropower in Norway. We have agreements with a group of Norwegian utilities, including Statkraft, to access world class technical expertise.

We work with local partners
We work in partnerships. Our partners have extensive local knowledge, and share our views on operating with transparency, responsibility and a commitment to deliver not just clean, renewable energy, but also added value.

We seek profitable growth
We are ultimately 100% owned by the Norwegian Government, but we operate and act like a private company with the same governance and return requirements as any other private company. We seek profitable growth, and we believe this is the best platform for long term sustainable development.

We concentrate on medium to large hydro projects
We believe we best create value for our owners and our host countries when we concentrate on hydro projects that are not too small, as there tends to be a minimum cost per project, and not too large to limit complexity and development time.

We do all projects based on non-recourse financing
To optimise the use of our own funds and our own equity and to enable us to develop several projects at the same time with we do all our projects based on non-recourse financing.

We comply with international standards
Our social and environmental responsibility is matched by our responsibility to our business stakeholders. We operate strictly in compliance World Bank standards.