The Ruzizi III HPP will be part of a hydropower cascade on the Ruzizi River fed by the Kivu Lake, which is one of the African Great Lakes, lying between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. The Ruzizi River flows southwards into Lake Tanganyika.

The project is considered a key development project and it will be one of the largest infrastructure projects in this region. Burundi, DRC and Rwanda, which will be the off-takers, have severe power generation deficits and where electricity supply exists, this is largely supplied by expensive diesel generation.

The Project will be developed as a Public Private Partnership with Congo, Rwanda and Burundi (the “Contracting States”), throughout a 25-year concession provided to the private investor to develop, build, operate and maintain the plant. The Contracting States will each have an ownership of 10% in the project company, and share off-take equally between them. They will work through EGL. The remaining 70% of the project company will be owned by the private partner.