In 2014 SN Power signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Myanmar where we were given the right to develop the 735 MW Middle Yeywa Hydropower project. The Middle Yeywa hydropower project is located on the Myitnge river, in the Naung Hkio Township, in the Shan State.  The Myitnge River Basin is a tributary entering the Ayeyarwady River just downstream of Mandalay.

SN Power has carried out a Technical Feasibility Study and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Middle Yeywa according to national requirements and international guidelines. In SN Power we follow the IFC Performance Standards in all of our developments. The studies indicate/reveal that the Middle Yeywa Project is technical and financial viable and with relatively low environmental impacts based on the proposed design, area of influence and mitigation measures. The documents have been submitted to the Myanmar Government for assessment and discussions.
The Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Myanmar Hydropower Sector carried out by MONREC and MOEE in 2018 with support from IFC recommends that further hydropower development in Myanmar should be prioritized in sub-basins with existing hydropower projects which is the case for Myitnge River/Basin. The Yeywa hydropower project (790 MW) located downstream of Middle Yeywa was constructed by the Myanmar Government in 2010 and is in operation today. The 280 MW Upper Yeywa hydropower project located upstream of Middle Yeywa, is currently under construction, and is expected to be completed within the next two years. The Upper Yeywa,  is being developed by the Government of Myanmar. 

The Strategic Environmental Assessment of Myanmar’s Hydropower Sector further recommends system-scale planning and Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) of multiple renewable energy development projects at the sub-basin level. Currently IFC is carrying out a CIA pilot study for the Myitnge Sub-Basin to demonstrate how risks and opportunities that are often not captured in individual project Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (EIAs) can be identified and managed, leading to more holistic and sustainable basin development. SN Power is committed to share information with the CIA-study and incorporate project relevant recommendations and opportunities.

The Middle Yeywa hydropower project will consist of a reservoir with season storage capacity which will contribute to steady energy production during the dry season which is the most critical period in Myanmar in terms of stable electricity production. 

Environmental Impact Assessment