On September 27, 2017 Statkraft and Norfund closed an agreement to swap shares in their jointly owned international hydropower company SN Power.

Until that date, Statkraft and Norfund owned 50 percent each in SN Power, which owned hydropower plants in Panama, Laos, Philippines and Zambia.

The mission and objective for SN Power is unchanged, the company will operate under the same regulatory framework as it has operated under until now.

With Norfund as the sole owner, SN Power will have a stronger focus on energy investments in the sub-Sahara African markets and specific countries in Southeast Asia. 

About Norfund
The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries, Norfund, contributes to development and poverty reduction through profitable investments in sustainable enterprises in selected countries and sectors. Approximately 50% of the portfolio is investments in clean energy projects. The most important region is sub-Saharan Africa, as well as selected countries in South and Southeast Asia and in Central America. At year-end 2017, Norfund's portfolio was NOK 23 billion.
See www.norfund.no for more information.