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  • Local Partners

    Success in emerging markets requires in-depth knowledge of local business requirements, legal and regulatory frameworks and networks within the private and public sectors.

  • Risk management

    Assessment and control of risk is a vital and integral part of our company management processes.

  • Strategy - A platform for development

    SN Power’s strategy is defined by a clear set of corporate principles. We work in partnership with the communities and countries where we undertake business, operating with transparency, responsibility and a commitment to deliver not just clean, renewable energy, but also added value.

  • Our business is Hydropower

    SN Power is a commercial company dedicated to invest in clean and renewable energy production, through Hydropower, in emerging markets.

  • About SN Power

    SN Power invests in clean, renewable energy on a commercial basis in emerging markets. The company’s primary focus is hydropower. The company is fully owned by Norfund, the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries.

  • Renewable energy

    SN Power recognizes the extent of the role of renewable energy in responding to today’s major challenges of climate changes, energy security and supply.

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