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  • Harvard case study

    Ambuklao and Binga conflict resolution program is now a Harvard University case study, condensed into a video presentation.

  • Impact assessment

    SN Power aims to take into full account the impact of our activities on stakeholders and the environment.

  • Community development

    SN Power’s international business operations are often located in remote areas in developing countries. We recognise that power generation is a prerequisite for development, particularly in areas where modern power is unavailable or in acute shortage.

  • Society and the environment

    The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply ingrained within SN Power’s culture. As a long-term investor we are committed to develop commercially viable plants that also make lasting economic, social and environmental contributions to the societies in which we operate.

  • HSE

    Securing the health and safety of our personnel and people throughout the company. Promoting health and safety is one of our core business principles.

  • Owners

    SN Power is owned 100% by Norfund.

  • Financial reporting

    The SN Power Group consolidated financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as adopted by the EU.

  • Our business principles

    The following business principles apply to all transactions entered into by SN Power, while guiding the behaviour expected of every employee. SN Power will not enter into partnerships that are not aligned with our business principles. In addition, contractors or consultants working on our behalf, or in our name, are required to adhere to these principles.

  • Financials

    SN Power is proud to operate with integrity, honesty, transparency and a powerful sense of business responsibility. Our principles are clear, our standards are high, and our reputation is valuable.

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