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  • Magat

    As the water source for almost 85 000 hectares of rice fields downstream, Magat’s main purpose is irrigation.

  • Ambuklao

    Located in the province of Benguet. The plant was shut down following an earthquake in 1999. In 2008 SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) bought the plant and it has since then gone through major rehabilitation that was completed in 2011 with a new installed capacity of 105 MW.

  • Burica

    Agua Imara and Credicorp group acquired the license to build the 63 MW Burica hydropower project in Panama in February 2012.

  • Bajo Frio

    Bajo Frio is a run-of-river hydropower scheme and is located in the lower part of the Chiriquí Viejo River in the Chiriquí province in western Panama

  • Muchinga

    LHPC fully owns the Muchinga Power Company, which has a license to develop a new hydropower plant with a potential capacity of 250-300 MW.

  • Lunsemfwa Power Station

    In May 2011, Agua Imara signed an acquisition agreement for a 51% shareholding in Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company Ltd (LHPC), located in the central part of Zambia, close to the city of Kabwe.

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