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  • Mulungushi Power Station

    In May 2011, Agua Imara signed an acquisition agreement for a 51% shareholding in Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company Ltd (LHPC)

  • Middle Yeywa Hydropower Project

    Myanmar is in need of electricity and in particular dispatchable renewable energy which can be used during peak hours and throughout the year. SN Power is a hydropower developer, and can contribute with clean, renewable energy to the country in way of hydropower.

  • Ruzizi III

    The Ruzizi III is a 147 MW greenfield hydropower project located on the Ruzizi river, downstream of the existing Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II hydropower plants.

  • Bujagali

    SN Power completes Investment in Bujagali Hydropower Project July 2018

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