We see the provision of hydropower as a platform upon which entire communities can be lifted up to new heights, allowing them to experience long-term advantages and positive developmental benefits. Its power is transformational.

Our social and environmental responsibility is matched by our responsibility to our business stakeholders. Delivering added value in this respect is also fundamental to the company’s operational success.

We have enjoyed 18 years of business success, executing a proven emerging market strategy that is anchored in industry expertise and local market understanding. This is focused on the regions with the greatest business potential for SN Power, namely Asia, Sub-Sahara Africa and Latin America.

Our long-term commitment to local projects in these areas will deliver long-term benefits, for the business and the people our plants serve. By following this path SN Power will achieve its ultimate goal: that of being a leading international hydropower player in emerging markets, contributing to economic growth, sustainable development and a successful low carbon society.

SN Power is strategic

We offer

  • A demonstrated ability to grow and execute emerging market strategy
  • An established position in the intersection of growth in emerging markets and renewable energy
  • A focus on reconciling the need for development in emerging markets with the global need to combat climate change
  • Strong hydro and power market expertise
  • The potential to become a major player in the global hydro arena

SN Power is strong

We have

  • A long-term investment strategy
  • Owner with proven financial strength, in tandem with the expertise synonymous with the Norwegian hydropower tradition
  • Multi-disciplinary project teams with a track record of success in hydropower, power markets, finance, regulations, environment, legal and social issues
  • A demonstrated ability to execute projects in difficult markets

SN Power is principled

We focus on

  • Delivering sustainable growth
  • Acting responsibly and transparently
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Delivering value to host communities
  • Developing our people
  • Promoting health and safety
  • Supporting human rights


  • Long-term investment strategy
  • Technical and financial strength
  • Norwegian hydropower tradition, skills and expertise transfer
  • Multidisciplinary project team expertise
  • Proven ability to execute projects in difficult markets